Single-source Snack Inspection Systems


Published: 03/11/2016

by Amber Crowley


Single-source Snack Inspection Systems




Heat and Control provides the most comprehensive single-source assistance for selecting the most appropriate individual or combination inspection system for any snack application. Sales and ongoing technical support for X-ray, metal detection and checkweighers make-up the complete inspection solution package. 


For versatile, multi-product applications, an Ishida X-ray inspection system detects metal and such non-metallic materials such as glass and plastics.  It also identifies damaged product.  Accuracy is not affected by product temperature, salt and water content, or aluminum foils. 


The world’s largest manufacturer of metal detectors, CEIA, has developed multi-spectrum technology available in no other metal detector. In addition to the industry’s highest sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel, CEIA MS21 detectors accurately differentiate between product effect and metal contaminants with no need to reduce sensitivity.  CEIA metal detectors are available for free-falling, powder, granular, liquid, ferrous-in-foil and other packaged and un-packaged product applications.  CEIA’s digital signal processing maintains consistent accuracy and prevents interference from two-way radios and other plant equipment.


To ensure the precise weight and product count, Ishida DACS checkweighers are available for dry and washdown applications.  Preset product parameters allow quick changeovers, no tools are required to change belts, and anti-floor vibration maintains consistent accuracy. 


Heat and Control manufactures and supplies complete line solutions for the snack industry. Along with their partners Ishida and CEIA, Heat and Control can provide solutions of one machine or a complete line. From processing, seasoning and coating application, conveying to weighing, bagmaking, packaging, metal detection, X-ray inspection, and checkweighing. 


With experience and expertise since 1950, Heat and Control can assist with process development, custom engineering, leading edge technology, and equipment for all types of snack products.  A full service offering includes pre- and post-sale technical support, including applications assistance, engineering, installation, parts, service, and training. 







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